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STEM Matters NYC Career Day

On Tuesday, November 5, 2013 (that’s Election Day), high school students (public school, private school, or homeschooled) can go on behind-the-scenes visits to JFK International Airport, a robotics company, a consumer product testing lab, and “subterranean cheese caves”, among other places.   

It’s all part of STEM Matters NYC Career Day Continue reading

PSAT Survey

We’d love it if you’d tell us about your experiences with the 2013 PSAT because we’re hoping to put up a blog post about it on (maybe soon, maybe after the scores come out in December). We welcome info from both homeschoolers and others. Below is an informal and unscientific survey meant to Continue reading

PSAT Cursive Crisis

Anyone taking the PSAT in 2013 is supposed to write out a certain sentence in cursive (sometimes known as “script”) – or at any rate not in “print” (we suspect an “italic” or hybrid style might do).

Homeschoolers in particular (who aren’t privy to morning announcements over the P.A.) might benefit from a heads-up, the reason why, the exact wording of the sentence, and some tips on creating “handwriting” in a hurry (just scroll Continue reading