Partnership for Accurate Homeschooling Information (PAHSI) is a New York State group based in New York City, whose main goal is to correct misinformation (and disinformation) about homeschooling at the source (mostly government sources).

“PAHSI” (pronounced “posse”, as in “We got your back!”) is often misspelled as “PASHI” (which may or may or may not stand for anything, but sounds vaguely like a noodle dish). As much as we are able to find the time, we sometimes help individual New York State homeschooling families with their official homeschool paperwork and any difficulties they encounter with their local school district (or “megadistrict”, in the case of New York City).

We’ve occasionally explained how homeschooling in New York State works to an international audience – see, for example, “How the Homeschool Regulations Really Work”, a document by PAHSI director Elsa Haas that you can access by clicking on “NYS Regulations” at the top of this page.

Our greatest accomplishment over the years has probably been convincing the New York City DOE (Department of Education) to overhaul its homeschool information packets for the 2008-9 school year.

More recently, we’ve had some success with thornier issues, like finally getting New York City homeschoolers access to ARIS ParentLink (a computer student records system traditionally accessible only to public school parents).

Until recently (we’re writing this in February of 2013), we had worked fairly quietly and discreetly, communicating directly with NYC DOE officials and others, and sometimes meeting with them – as well as circulating information to homeschoolers semi-privately, rather than on the Internet.

Quite deliberately, the only press we’ve had is a New York Times blog article which we inspired by supplying the journalist with an email from the NYSED (New York State Education Department), some background information, and a parent to interview. See NY Times Cityroom Blog , but be sure to skip down past the unrelated second topic to read the comments (which are not all chronological).  

We had always avoided putting up a website, but a series of dead ends with the DOE on issues we consider important has compelled us to change strategies.

PAHSI has been around since about 2006, though at first at first it briefly had a different and unfortunate name, Homeschool Advisory Group (that is, ahem, HAG).

Please don’t confuse this PAHSI with a place in China (see Pahsi, China), or with www.PAHSI.org (the Pennsylvania Home Services Institute), or with the PAHSI that is an alumni association in Indonesia (Alumni Association).

And please keep that “H” and “S” in order (“H” first, then “S”). We include both letters in the acronym to make it easier to pronounce, even though we write “Homeschooling” as a single word (with a lowercase “s”) because words become compound words as the phenomena they describe become better-established – and homeschooling is here to stay.

We welcome comments. Please write to us at comments@pahsi.net .