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Kindergarten Changes in NYS – Part 2

Here’s a paradox: those whose children aren’t yet of compulsory school age may find it harder to take them out of a public school than those whose children are. At least, that’s what PAHSI (Partnership for Accurate Homeschooling Information) has observed in New York City (NYC) over the years. And this oddity will have new wrinkles in 2013-14. 

In Part 1 of this blog post (on 02/24/2013), we described Continue reading

What Kindergarten Is – Part 1

As we wait for more information from the New York City Department of Education (NYC DOE) on how it intends to implement the recent changes in kindergarten law and regulation for 2013-14, and as we continue to gather information on Rochester (see the “Kindergarten Changes in NYS” blog post from 02/24/2013), we’d like to ask (from a wide-angle, homeschooling perspective): “What is kindergarten, anyway?”

Leaving aside for a moment the even more basic question of how old kindergarteners are in various places (and times), what constitutes “kindergarten” Continue reading

Kindergarten Changes in NYS – Part 1

In New York City (NYC) and in Rochester, there are changes in the offing for 2013-14.

The mainstream media largely oversimplified, reporting the change as “kindergarten is going to be mandatory”. The truth is more complex (and at least in NYC, the change also affects compulsory school age for some kids with December birthdays who were born in 2008 or later).

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