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Some Unschooling IHIPs Get No Letter of Compliance This Year

So far this year (2013-14), it seems that there’s an increase in New York City in the number of “unschooling IHIPs” for which the parents haven’t gotten letters of compliance. (It’s also possible that some letters of compliance – whether or not for homeschoolers who consider themselves unschoolers – have been delayed because the NYC Central Office of Homeschooling has been unusually busy, due to an increase in kindergarten paperwork – see the blog post “The NYC Mandatory Kindergarten Mess”, from 08/12/2013.)  

This blog post is tricky to write because sometimes when people say “unschooling IHIP”, what they really mean is “vague IHIP” – while PAHSI’s position has always been Continue reading

Homeschool Doorframe Day

PAHSI is declaring September 9, 2013, the first annual Homeschool Doorframe Day in New York City. That’s because in NYC it’s the first day of public school (if you live elsewhere in New York State, the date may be different).

It’s the day by which, if you haven’t already, you might want to put some paperwork up just inside your door/s (for example, tacking it to the inside doorframe/s). That’s just in case you end up being one of the (relatively few) homeschool families visited this year at home, for whatever reason, by someone official, most typically Continue reading

Homeschool Grade Level – It’s Mostly Your Choice

It continues to be the conventional wisdom in homeschooling circles in New York State that if a parent who is just starting homeschooling wants to, for example, “hold a child back” one grade level (in terms of the local public school age cutoffs of the moment), s/he should just go ahead without thinking twice about it – “because you can always skip him/her ahead later, if you want to.”

It’s true that under the New York State Regulations on Home Instruction, grade level is mostly the parent’s choice. One exception that Continue reading

The NYC Mandatory Kindergarten Mess

A couple of problematic things happened on the way to the implementation of “mandatory kindergarten” (note the quotes) in New York City. But let’s start this blog post with PAHSI’s practical suggestions for those NYC parents of kindergarten-aged kids who are trying to figure out what to do if they don’t want to send their kids to public or private kindergarten this Continue reading

Why Comply with the Homeschool Regulations

Some parents comply with the New York State Regulations on Home Instruction without a full understanding of why it makes sense to do so. They comply because they’re afraid that if they don’t, whoever processes homeschool paperwork locally will track them down themselves (something that’s relatively unlikely – parents who have never filed any homeschool paperwork at all would be hard to find except in rural areas where everyone knows each other).

These parents overlook the more compelling reason to be in compliance, and this lack of understanding has complicated many discussions about the Regulations, for example those about “mandatory kindergarten” Continue reading

The Real Homeschool Letter of Intent Deadline

Around this time every year (June), a lot of parents start panicking about the letter of intent to homeschool (in New York State) because they think the deadline for it is July 1st for everybody whose “school-aged” kids won’t be in school come the fall.

In fact, there are two different deadlines – Continue reading

December Birthdays and Compulsory School Age

December birthdays in New York City – now, that’s a fine kettle of fish! And we suspect it may be similarly messy for some homeschoolers in other parts of the state, too (more about that at the very end of this blog post).

We touched on the December Discrepancy (though we didn’t call it that) in Continue reading

Regents Meet Tomorrow on inBloom Privacy Issue – Group Urges Quick Emails

The Board of Regents of the NYSED (New York State Education Department) is meeting tomorrow (Monday, 03/22/2013) on the inBloom computer data privacy issue (which we had mentioned briefly on 03/18/2013 in the blog post “Two Updates and One New Issue”), according to the group Class Size Matters (which addresses issues other than just class size). Class Size Matters has just sent out an email urging the parents of NYS public school students (homeschoolers aren’t specifically mentioned, but this issue does seem to affect us to some degree, too) to email the Regents right away.

While PAHSI isn’t yet Continue reading