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Freedom of Information – NYC DOE Drags Feet

  • Published 02/19/2013
  • See also: Two Updates and One New Issue, published 03/18/2013

Guide to the NYS Homeschool Regulations, Now Online

  • Published 02/14/2013 [Note: This is a blog post about the document How the Homeschool Regulations Really Work].

How the Homeschool Regulations Really Work: Practical Nuances of the New York State Regulations on Home Instruction 

  • Note: This is a document that you can find by clicking on the tab “About NYS Regulations”.

How to Move Away

  • Published 03/01/2013

How to Write A Letter of Intent to Homeschool in NYS

  • Published 03/11/2013

Kindergarten Changes in NYS (not to be confused with What Kindergarten Is)

  • Part 1 published 02/24/2013.
  • Part 2 published 03/10/2013.
  • See also Two Updates and One New Issue, published 03/18/2013.

New Testing Options for Homeschoolers

  • Part 1 published 01/27/2013.
  • Part 2 published 02/02/2013.
  • Part 3 published 02/04/2013.

Teen Spots Error on Non-Driver I.D.

  • Published 03/28/2013

That Letter about Testing

  • Published 02/17/2013

Two Updates and One New Issue

  • Published 03/18/2013 [Note: The two updates are for the blog posts Freedom of Information – NYC DOE Drags Feet, and Kindergarten Changes in NYS (Parts 1 and 2). The new issue (there is no blog post about this yet) is Computer Data Privacy Issue: inBloom, Inc.]

What Kindergarten Is (not to be confused with Kindergarten Changes in NYS) 

  • Part 1 published 02/28/2013.
  • There is no Part 2 yet.