Regents Meet Tomorrow on inBloom Privacy Issue – Group Urges Quick Emails

The Board of Regents of the NYSED (New York State Education Department) is meeting tomorrow (Monday, 03/22/2013) on the inBloom computer data privacy issue (which we had mentioned briefly on 03/18/2013 in the blog post “Two Updates and One New Issue”), according to the group Class Size Matters (which addresses issues other than just class size). Class Size Matters has just sent out an email urging the parents of NYS public school students (homeschoolers aren’t specifically mentioned, but this issue does seem to affect us to some degree, too) to email the Regents right away.

While PAHSI isn’t yet convinced that other actions on this issue (like supporting a certain bill in the NYS legislature) would be a good move for homeschoolers, we do think that sending an email to the Regents by tomorrow would be unlikely to backfire, and might be helpful. It’s up to you whether to identify yourself as a homeschool parent, but our initial impression is that it might be more effective not to – you can just say you’re a parent.

Since Class Size Matters hasn’t yet put up on its website the content of the email we just received from them, we’ve pasted it into the pdf you can access at this link:

Class Size Matters on Emailing Regents

You can cut and paste the Regents’ addresses and the content from the pdf, modifying the content as you see fit (or just write your own sentence or two -sometimes that’s even better, because it shows you thought about it). Your emails may be more likely to get past any spam filters if you paste the first address into the “TO” box and the others into the “CC” or “BCC” box.