STEM Matters NYC Career Day

On Tuesday, November 5, 2013 (that’s Election Day), high school students (public school, private school, or homeschooled) can go on behind-the-scenes visits to JFK International Airport, a robotics company, a consumer product testing lab, and “subterranean cheese caves”, among other places.   

It’s all part of STEM Matters NYC Career Day (“STEM” stands for “Science, Technology, Engineering and Math”).

For the three-page flyer describing the trips to choose from, click here:


For more information and to register, use this link (from the flyer):    

We wrote to the contact listed (Katherine Brown, STEM Career Day Coordinator) to ask for details on how homeschoolers should fill in the online registration form. Since she wasn’t very familiar with homeschooling, she contacted the New York City Central Office of Homeschooling. She was told that the “principal” is the parent, and that the code for homeschooling (that is, the computer code in the NYC Department of Education computer records systems, which homeschoolers in NYC share with public schoolers) is 444.

So we’re going to suggest that parents put their own names into the blank for “Principal” and that (since this event is being coordinated by the NYC DOE) they put something like “Homeschooling (code 444)” in the blank for “School” – assuming they do file paperwork with the Central Office.

We imagine there might be interest in this event from homeschoolers who live outside of NYC (no mention of NYC residency is made on the flyer); whose kids are advanced in science but technically not yet in grades 9-12; or who are “youngish” for their official grade level (the registration form does ask for the birth date, but it’s possible that’s just for use as an identifier).

The email that came with the flyer does include this caveat: “Please note that while these opportunities are put together by the Dept. of Ed., students will be responsible for themselves on these exciting local excursions.” 

We hope you’ll all keep in mind that what you do next about any possible “borderline case”, and how accurately you judge your kids’ ability to handle this event on their own (even if they’re at the right grade level and of the typical age) could affect how participation for all of us is handled in future years. If you have any doubts about registering or anything else, please do ask Ms. Brown.

And let us know how it goes – we’ll try to post an update at some point. If this event fills up too fast for everyone interested to join in, we’d be glad to post about any efforts homeschoolers might make to set up other possible dates or activities with the entities that are hosting this event. We salute their willingness to open their doors to young people, and thank the NYC DOE for their role in making it happen.