Teen Spots Error on Non-Driver I.D.

If your child has a non-driver I.D., learner’s permit, or driver’s license, and if it’s not the first DMV documentation s/he has had, you might want to double-check the height shown on it. One teen recently discovered that the DMV had carried over his height at age nine (4 ft 8 in) from the old non-driver’s card to the new one (ignoring the new height on the application form). The result is that, unless the card is corrected (or unless enough time passes to turn “growth spurt” into the most obvious explanation), this thirteen-year-old, who was already 5 ft 10 when the photo was taken (and who has a nascent beard and mustache that didn’t really show up in it), might end up looking suspicious – like someone who is trying to get away with illicitly using a younger relative’s I.D. for some nefarious purpose because their faces are similar.

Carrying around an I.D. that raises suspicions is not a good scenario – especially in homeschooling families, whose teens may travel independently (whether for classes and activities or for other reasons) during traditional school hours.

For those who haven’t ever obtained a non-driver’s I.D., information on how to get one is at this link on the DMV website: DMV Website . These cards are available to people of any age, including young children.

A tip: some DMV offices were affected by Hurricane Sandy and may still be trying to catch up on their work, so choose your office carefully or you may have an unusually long wait and a mistake or two to undo.

Please write to us at comments@pahsi.net if your child’s DMV document contains an error.